• Claimant: Male 42 year old meatworker
    • Injury: Lower back injury and depression

    Mr A was an Afghani immigrant who did not speak English but had secured a stable job in a meatworks in Australia. After suffering a severe lower back injury at work he was unable to work and developed depression as a result. He was told by his super fund that he was not entitled to claim as he was too young. Mr A engaged Turner Freeman to assist. Turner Freeman extensively investigated the claim and obtained medico-legal opinions from a neurosurgeon and an occupational therapist that Mr A faced insurmountable barriers to returning to any work. Turner Freeman lodged and prosecuted a claim with the super fund who had said there was no entitlement. The fund’s insurer accepted the claim and full TPD benefits were paid.

    • Claimant: Female 54 year old motel owner
    • Injury: Neck injury and depression

    After struggling for years in pain Ms F was forced to sell her business and was unable to work. Ms F contacted Turner Freeman to see if she was entitled to any insurance benefit for TPD pursuant to a business insurance policy. Turner Freeman investigated the policy and also discovered a further TPD policy available through super. Comprehensive medico-legal opinions were obtained and detailed submissions prepared by Turner Freeman and claims were pursued under both policies. The insurer for the business policy conducted a retrospective underwriting investigation that revealed some minor medical complaints had not been disclosed at the time the policy was applied for. The insurer decided to try and void the policy completely. Turner Freeman disputed that decision and were successful in having the insurer honour the policy. Both claims were paid in full.

    • Claimant: Male 33 year old car detailer
    • Injury: Lower back injury and pain disorder
    • Claim Type: TPD claim

    After suffering a significant lower back injury Mr M claimed TPD benefits with the assistance of Turner Freeman. The back injury resulted in a significant pain disorder and psychiatric injury. With a prior work history only in manual roles he was now precluded from working within his education, training and experience. He had 2 super funds and claimed on both. Both super funds paid benefits after two insurers independently agreed that Mr M was TPD.

    • Claimant: Female 53 year old project manager
    • Injury: Sexual assault and Psychiatric injury
    • Claim Type: TPD claim

    After tripping and falling at a resident’s home Ms K suffered a fracture of her wrist and damaged tendons. Following surgery to repair the tendons she lost function and movement in parts of the hand and altered sensation and numbness. This caused her to lose grip strength and reduced her lifting capacity and fine motor skills dramatically. She could no longer undertake all of the duties of her job. She tried other manual employment and always struggled until she became depressed and could no longer work at all. Without much formal education she had very few options now. After many years out of work Ms K contacted Turner Freeman for help. Turner Freeman conducted a lost super search and located two accounts which the claimant had forgotten about. Both had insurance policies which covered her periods of employment and disability. Turner Freeman lodged claims and secured a lump sum payment.

    • Claimant: Male 58 year old motor mechanic
    • Injury: Upper limb and back injuries
    • Claim Type: Income Protection and TPD claim

    Mr B suffered a significant injury to his shoulder over a period of time working as a truck mechanic. He had also suffered a lower back injury. Turner Freeman prepared a comprehensive claim submission and gathered supporting medical evidence from a variety of sources. This work helped Mr B to initially access 2 years of back paid income protection and then a further TPD lump sum.

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