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Super Claims Australia is an initiative created by Turner Freeman Lawyers, with a vision to give everyday Australians more control and understanding of their rights in times of need, and to preserve their quality of life when things are tough. It is an unfortunate fact that superannuation and insurance claims are complex and concerns only tend to arise when people are dealing with far deeper issues such as illness or loved ones passing. Super Claims Australia was founded to ease this burden, addressing these complex legal issues through education, support and legal advice.

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“No Win No Fee” legal advice for Superannuation, Disability & Insurance Claims

When you are unable to work because of injury, ill health or if you suffered a disability you may have insurance through your superannuation that you can access early. Most superannuation funds provide insurance cover for Total and Permanent Disablement (TPD), Death or Income Protection. You may also be able to access your superannuation account balance prior to the usual retirement age if you are permanently incapacitated from working.

What if your claim has been rejected

If your superannuation or insurance claim has been rejected, you may be able to contest, challenge or dispute this decision.

Additional coverage you may have

In addition to this you may have insurance cover in other policies including retail TPD and trauma policies, through your home, car or personal loans and via travel insurance.

Superannuation, Disability & Insurance compensation claims can be confusing, complicated and insurance companies and superannuation trustees may be difficult to deal with if you are not familiar with the process.

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Adam Tayler


Super Claims Australia is managed by Adam Tayler who has 20 years of litigation experience and now practices exclusively in superannuation, disability and insurance claims. As part of Super Claims Australia, Adam assists clients in recovering lump sum benefits from insurance attached to their superannuation accounts when they suffer a disability that causes them to stop work. You can read more about Adam here.

Our parent organisation, Turner Freeman Lawyers, has been providing care, support and unrivalled results to our clients for over 60 years. We are, in every facet of our service, committed to protecting, preserving and fighting for our clients’ rights.

We are dedicated to one sole aim: to enable those in need to preserve their quality of life at a time when they need it most. That’s why we operate on a “No Win No Fee” basis, offering over-the-phone legal advice and initial face-to-face consultations at zero cost to you. We only accept payment if your superannuation claim is successful, and even so, we offer a simple fixed rate, so there are no nasty bills to worry about – our goal is to ensure you get what you are entitled to and to cover our costs, and nothing more.

Super Claims Australia solely deals with superannuation, disability & insurance claims

Super Claims Australia and Turner Freeman Lawyers have one of the leading legal departments in Australia that solely deals with Superannuation, Disability & Insurance claims.

Although positive legal outcomes are our primary focus, we understand that true healing and resolution go much deeper than verdicts. That’s why we strive to go further than simply legal advice – Super Claims Australia also offers you access to a network of support services and organisations to help with the non-legal side of things.

This website has been created to explain in detail about superannuation and insurance and your legal rights, how the benefits work and how you can claim them.

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If you are unable to perform your job for a period of time due to Total & Temporary Disablement (TTD), Super Claims Australia can help you claim. Call 13 43 63 for a free, confidential discussion to learn more about your rights.


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