How the superannuation claim process is made simple

We understand that biting the bullet and committing to legal action can be quite daunting. We are here to help you investigate your rights, form a plan and ensure your claim gets the best outcome possible. Here is a brief outline of how the process works:


Do some
quick research

It’s always wise to do a little reading before embarking on anything that involves Super Funds or insurance companies. If you believe you are rightfully eligible for a superannuation claim or benefit due to your circumstances, contact us on 13 43 63 right away.


Call us for an obligation
free consultation

Speaking with us is an important and valuable step to take when considering making an application for early super payment or insurance benefits. We will be able to advise where you stand, what the best course of action is and the likely outcome.


Fill out the paperwork
& lodge your application

We will take care of everything including helping you fill out the forms and lodging your application. If there is anything else you may need such as attending a medical examination, we will also help you with this process.


No Win –
No Fee

Remember you will only need to pay a fee if your claim is successful.

Once everything is submitted, all you need to do is wait. Applications can take between a few weeks and several months to process depending on the complexity of the case, and during this time, knowing that everything has been handled by a highly qualified, experienced professional should give you some peace of mind. And remember; only if your claim is successful will you be required to pay a fee.

Find out how Super Claims Australia can help you

If you are unable to perform your job for a period of time due to Total & Temporary Disablement (TTD), Super Claims Australia can help you claim. Call 13 43 63 for a free, confidential discussion to learn more about your rights.


Or call us on 13 43 63