Cancer sufferers can claim their Super funds

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Anyone who is diagnosed with a serious cancer that impacts on their ability to work may not be aware that they have entitlements to claim insurance benefits attached to their superannuation. These benefits can include income protection for temporary time away from work, total and permanent disablement (TPD) where the condition is serious and long term or a terminal illness payment.

It is still possible to claim where an illness is terminal but not within the guidelines of an insurance policy for terminal illness benefits which usually require a prognosis of less than 12 months to live.  In those circumstances commonly TPD insurance will respond given the intensity and frequency of treatment that is required for terminal illnesses.

Adam Tayler the general manager of Super Claims Australia and a lawyer in Turner Freeman’s Disability Claims Practice says, “The availability of insurance through our superannuation is often not widely known and needs to be talked about more. TPD insurance is available to cover anyone with a serious injury or illness.  Cancers, strokes, heart disease and psychiatric illness can all form the basis for a TPD claim.”

All super funds have their own unique policy and insurance arrangements. The Government has however mandated that from 1 January 2014 all funds must have default life, terminal illness and TPD coverage for all superannuation fund members on an opt-out basis.

Mr Tayler said, “People are covered, they need to check their super situation and Turner Freeman Lawyers can help them do that and then bring a claim for them on a no win no fee basis.”

All claims should be made as soon as reasonably practical. The process of claiming can often be daunting, complicated and frustrating and expert advisers will make the claims process smoother and give you some control over what occurs.

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