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  • bining nominations in superannuation policies | Super Claims Australia

    Life Insurance Code of Practice

    25th October 2016
    Effective from 1 October 2016 the Financial Services Council (FSC) has issued a Life Insurance Code of Practice. The Code commits members of the FSC such as life insurers to uphold the standards set out in the Code. There is a transition period up to 30 June 2017 for insurers… Read more »
  • cancelled insurance policy | Super Claims Australia

    TPD Claim Rejected Despite the Wrong Definition

    28th September 2016
    An insurer recently argued in a case in the District Court in Brisbane, that despite using an incorrect definition of total and permanent disablement in rejecting the claim, the decision they had formed was still correct and they had not make any mistake. The definition the insurer used was “regular… Read more »
  • unable to work for a medical reason | Super Claims Australia

    When is the Right Time to Assess a TPD Claim

    1st September 2016
    Out of work for a certain period of time In most TPD insurance policies the definition of total and permanent disablement will require that you have been out of work for a certain period of time, commonly 3 or 6 months. The definition will then require the insurer and/or your… Read more »
  • relevance of education in a tpd claim | Super Claims Australia

    Procedural Fairness and TPD Insurance Claims

    12th May 2016
    In any TPD claim, before an insurer makes a decision they need to provide a claimant with procedural fairness. This is so the claimant is given every opportunity to respond to any adverse evidence obtained during the assessment or to correct errors in the documents being relied on by an… Read more »
  • tpd claims rejected | Super Claims Australia

    CommInsure Poor Practices

    14th March 2016
    The investigation has revealed very serious and concerning practices at CommInsure.

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