Lyme Disease and TPD

28 January 2015 | Super Claims Australia

Unable to work due to Lyme Disease

Claiming TPD for Lyme Disease | Super Claims AustraliaAny serious illness or injury can impact on your capacity to work.  Where an illness has ongoing long term effects on your work capacity, then that illness can form the basis for a total and permanent disablement (TPD) claim through superannuation.

All superannuation funds have insurance of one form or another in place for the benefit of their members.  Generally unless you have opted out of TPD cover then you will have insurance coverage in place which will pay a lump sum amount to you in the event you become TPD.

Symptoms of Lyme Disease

The serious and debilitating symptoms that accompany a diagnosis of Lyme Disease can often become chronic.  A good description of Lyme Disease can be found at the website of the Lyme Disease Association of Australia at  The Association states that Lyme Disease is known to mimic other serious disorders such as Lupus.  Lyme Disease has been known to affect all bodily systems.  It is a slow replicating bacteria and is very difficult to kill.  For this reason some people can be on antibiotics for years.  Under-treatment can increase the likelihood of a relapse.

In particular Neurological Lyme Disease can have long-lasting permanent effects and can be fatal.  For many patients Lyme Disease is either not diagnosed or misdiagnosed and this failure to treat the disease properly can also lead to long term effects.

Illness that stops you from working is a basis for a TPD claim

Chronic illness that causes you to stop regular work can amount to TPD within the meaning of most insurance policies.  All policies contain a definition for TPD which always has a component that can be satisfied by incapacity for regular work.

Some super funds also offer income protection insurance for temporary incapacity for work.  Check your super statement to find out what coverage you have.  If you have been diagnosed with Lyme Disease and cannot work then you may have a claim.

If insurers reject a TPD for Lyme Disease, we can help you challenge the decision

Due to the controversy that can come with a diagnosis of Lyme Disease some insurer’s may refuse to accept claims or may obtain reports from specialists who do not accept that the condition is genuine.  These decisions can and should be challenged.

How Super Claims Australia can help

If you cannot work due to Lyme Disease you may be able to claim TPD through your superannuation. If you have made a claim but your insurer rejected this claim, talk to us on 1800 088 677 as we can help challenge, dispute and contest this decision.

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